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The B5 notebook contains 120 sheets (240 pages) or 48 sheets (96 pages) of 100g paper, ideal for writing with fountain pens and for calligraphy (with dip pens, too). The same high-quality paper as in Archie's Calligraphy pads had been used. It works great with most of available inks, with no feathering or bleeding; see-through is minimal so writing on both sides of the page is possible.

The pages are dotted, squared, lined or plain. The gird is uncommon: slightly thicker dots or lines every 1 cm with a thinner dots or lines every 1/3 cm. This allows you to use the notebook both for everyday writing with a fountain pen and for most calligraphy styles (such as Italic or Copperplate) for which the division of the row into thirds is more natural than halves. For writers with small handwriting, this ruling is perfect.

The notebook is fully hand-stitched, so it lies flat on every page. An elastic band attached to the back cover secures the notebook, while a specially-designed double back cover anchors the notebook to the dedicated B5 leather cover by Archie's Calligraphy, allowing easy access to the notebooks back pocket. Leather cover has a safe inner pouch for a fountain pen. Four page markers are attached.

Aesthetic design and vintage look make the B5 notebook suitable for gift-giving. The notebook is designed and handmade in Poland.

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