Calligraphy paper - Archie's Calligraphy

Calligraphy paper included in the Archie’s Caligraphy offer is a product created for calligraphers who expect the highest quality. Archie’s Caligraphy calligraphy paper will appeal especially to those who are learning or practicing calligraphy. It is a product that can be used also for writing letters or taking notes.

In the designing process, calligraphy paper was subjected to various tests, the purpose of which was to get paper that was free from feathering, bleeding or blotting. As a result, a product was created that is characterized by very high smoothness, on which pointed nib does not scratch or hoos during calligraphy practice.

From the very beginning of the production of calligraphy guidelines, Archie’s Caligraphy had one goal in mind - to offer quality paper that is particularly important at the very beginning of learning calligraphy. Choosing high-quality calligraphy paper can protect calligraphy adepts from being discouraged at the initial stage of learning.

Product for years - Archie's Calligraphy calligraphy guidelines

In the process of producing Archie’s Calligraphy products, we used ecological paper from renewable sources, which is certified by FCS (Forest Stewardship Council). It is also acid- and chlorine-free. The paper has an archival quality stamp that guarantiees safe storage for a minimum of 200 years.

The covers of our pads and reams are made of recycled cardboard, which is printed in chocolate color and has an elegant look, referring to the vintage style.

Calligraphy paper

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