We offer wide range of products for writing lovers, fountain pens enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to start their adventure with calligraphy.

In the production process, we rely primarily on proven solutions that guarantee the highest quality. Our products are designed and handmade in Poland. Thanks to this, it is possible to use our products for a very long time without losing quality.

Our offer includes:

- Elegant leather notebook - this is a notebook and a cover, which at a reasonable price, allow you to store and protect even most valuable fountain pen while carying it with you. The product is characterized by the highest quality - the cover was designed using ecological leather, while the notebook was made of the highest quality dotted ecological paper that works great with most of available inks, with no feathering or bleeding; see-through is minimal so writing on both sides of the page is possible.

- Classy leather planner - consists of leather cover with a place for fountain pen and an undated weekly plnner that alows you to plan your projests or use in everyday life.

- Calligraphy paper - with guidelines suitable for most calligrpahy styles is made of ecological, natural acid-free paper of highest quality. Works great with dip pen nibs and most of available inks, with no feathering or bleeding.

- Cover for a notebook - made of genuine leather is a product that can be used for many years. It has a safe storage pleace for one king-size fountain pen.

We encourage you to read the detailed descriptions of each product. This will allow you to get the most important information and create the foundation for your purchase decision. We also recommend looking at photos that very accurately reflect the appearance of individual products.


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