Copperplate / Spencerian – A4 Paper Pad

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Producent: Archie's Calligraphy
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Archie's Calligraphy Copperplate calligraphy A4 paper pads contain 50 sheets of paper specially selected for calligraphy with flexible sharp-pointed dip pen nibs and fountain pens. The paper thickness is 120 g/m2 and the natural white (ivory) paper colour makes for an elegant look. One-side is printed with a delicate but well visible guidelines for Copperplate script, which are also suitable for learning and prcactising in Spencerian, Palmer and modern calligraphy. The printed guidelines neither dominate the page nor spoil the graphic composition of the work.

Fixed ratio guidelines. The 3:2:3 ratio is determined by the blue horizontal lines and the 55° slant is guided by the pink lines. These are the most classic Copperplate script proportions, giving the letters the appropriate slimness and lightness characteristic of this style and some similar styles.

1. The size 9/6/9 P (9mm/6mm/9mm) has an ascender of 9 mm, letter body is 6mm high, while the descender is 9mm long. On one page there are 11 lines best suitable for beginners (quite large letter size).  Guidelines are printed in portrait orientation.

2. The size 6/4/6 P (6mm/4mm/6mm) has an ascender of 6 mm, letter body is 4mm high, while the descender is 6mm long. On one page there are 17 lines suitable for beginners and intermediate (average letter size). Guidelines are printed in portrait orientation.

3. The size 1, 25 L (no fixed ratio) the 55° slant is guided by the pink lines, the letter proportions ratio is not fixed. One can write with any chosen proportion such as 2:1:2, 1:1:1 or classical 3:2:3. The 1,25 mm thin blue lines with a broader line every 5 lines allow wide range of sizes from tiniest to very large letters. Because of their flexibility the guidelines may be used to practice many calligraphy styles including modern calligraphy. Guidelines are printed in landscape orientation.

Designed specifically for calligraphers, especially for people who are learning or practicing calligraphy, it can also be used for other purposes such as writing letters. Special emphasis was put on paper quality, which has been tested for many inks, it suffered no feathering, blotting or bleeding thru. The paper has a high degree of smoothness, which makes it non-scratchy and unmatched in the calligraphy with a sharp-pointed dip pen nib. The good quality and smoothness of paper is important at every stage of learning calligraphy, but especially at the beginning because it saves the beginners a lot of frustration, problems and discouragement when learning to write with sharp, flexible nib.

The Ecological paper (from renewable sources), certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), is acid and chlorine-free. The paper is certified for archive purposes and is suitable for storage for at least 200 years.

The cover is made of recycled paper and printed in dark chocolate colour, therefore has an elegant look with a vintage touch, very suitable for a tasteful gift. The product is designed and made in Poland.

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