Elegant leather notebook B5 | dotted, squared, lined, plain | Notebook and Leather Cover SET

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Producent: Archie's Calligraphy
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Archie’s Calligraphy is offering a new, ideal for fountain pens, B5 notebook with natural leather cover and safe place for a fountain pen.

In the spine of the cover there is a carefully-designed holder for a single, king-sized fountain pen. This placement and additional leather strap protects even the most valuable fountain pen from potential damage.

A pocket on the inner left side can accommodate loose notes, receipts or even a small tablet.

A specially-designed double back cover anchors the notebook to the leather cover, allowing easy access to the notebooks back pocket.

The elastic band keeps the content secure.

A high-quality paper had been used. It works great with most of available inks, with no feathering or bleeding; see-through is minimal so writing on both sides of the page is possible.

Writing calligraphy is also possible.

The pages are dotted, squared, lined or plain. The gird is uncommon: slightly thicker dots or lines every 1 cm with a thinner dots or lines every 1/3 cm.
For writers with small handwriting, this ruling is perfect.

The notebook is fully hand-stitched, so it lies flat on every page. Four page markers can be used to mark content.

Archie’s Calligraphy leather cover was handmade using natural leather imported from Italy. The lining is a textile fabric with the appearance of chamois.

When used, the leather gains some “patina” that makes it look even better.

The cover is available in several leather colours such as: cognac, dark brown, black, navy blue and red.

Aesthetic design and vintage look make the B5 notebook and cover suitable for gift-giving. Products are designed and handmade in Poland.

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