About us

Fountain pen lover and calligraphy enthusiast providing high quality products for calligraphers and fountain pen lovers

I've been using fountain pens all my life, numerous years ago I started to admire calligraphy. I'm still learning calligraphy, I focused on the Copperplate style lately. I was looking for calligraphy paper with already printed guideline, but I could not find the product that suited me. Hoping that I was not the only one that lacked good paper, I decided to design and offer a high quality product that meets the needs of calligraphers. I have choosen to start with Copperplate guidelines, which I missed the most, but I then I added other products. Now I have a range of guidelines that suit the needs of most calligraphers. Recently I introduced fountain pen friendly notebook and planner with dedicated leather cover with smart and safe fountain pen pouch.

My name is Artur, but some friends call me "Archie". That brought me the idea for the brand Archie's Calligraphy. My goal is to provide high quality products to my customers, that is why I am not afraid to brand them with my own name. I am convinced that Archie's Calligraphy products will fulfill the needs of its users who will recommend them to others. Actually some of them already do.


Artur Rzepka

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